People In The 1940s Really Knew How Dance, As This Video Shows

Lawrence Joseph Elgart, otherwise known as Larry, was renowned for his American jazz, rising to fame on the hit show American Bandstand. With moves like this, it’s no wonder that Larry Elgart became such a household name.

You’ll be swept back to the days of rock and roll’s early evolution by this collection of energetic swing dance routines set to Larry Elgart, host of American Bandstand, and the Manhattan Swing Orchestra’s 1982 hit ‘Hooked On Swing.’

At a pace that most would struggle to match to this day, these swing dancers are sure to astound you with a range of routines that may be familiar to some. From the twist to the mashed potato, jerk, and the pony – it’s all here.

The groundbreaking changes within music and dance in this golden era left a lasting impression on people and the music industry to this day. Swing dance was at its peak, and Larry was about the best that there was.