Most People Think The Term “Cat Burglar” Is Used In Jest, But Not For These Sweet Kitties!

Stealing can be a morally ambiguous act. There are way too many options and possible reasons or outcomes for why someone would steal. Most people think of others down on their luck or addicted to something when they think of stealing or rather, I do. Life is hard and when we don’t work together, we make it even harder on all those around us. Some cases can be more lighthearted than others, resulting in an amazingly cute outcome. When it comes to actual burglars who are cats, I know I certainly wasn’t displeased.

I have no idea why a cat would steal people money. There’s really no reason for it, at least that I’m aware of. You’d think cat nip or yarn would be the currency of a cat’s economy. Yet, it seems as though there are instances where we are all effected by how financially rough it is out in the world. Sometimes it takes more than a few bowls of Meow Mix to tame the urge for more.

However, when you see how sneakily and craftily these cats attack money and bolt? I know I simply couldn’t stop enjoying their antics. All of these cats have some reason for grabbing money and making a break for it, but when you see how fast and agile they are in their efforts, I know you’ll be on the ground, laughing hysterically. It’s not always easy to pull off the perfect heist, but I know these cats stole something dear and close to Me. They stole my heart.

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