Phenomenal Performance by Riders and Horses at Spanish Riding School of Vienna

Learning to ride a horse can be a tough thing to accomplish. You have to teach yourself commands, certain riding positions, and more. When the talented riders at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna perform, you’ll be left speechless.

It can take up to a decade for an intern to become a rider. Once you’ve become a rider, you’ll be well-versed in just about everything there is to know about horse riding. Even the horses learn their skill over time, which prevents burnout.

People have been riding stallions for sport for over a century. Beautiful Lipizzaner stallions show off what they can do in the world-famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna. This video shows how much hard work and dedication that is put in by everyone involved.

During the performance, the horses remain calm and perform as one with their rider. It’s majestic watching them move all around the horse gracefully. Thankfully, no horses are harmed in the sport, and they are treated with the utmost respect.