Phenomenally Talented Young Woman Plays Upbeat “Boogie Woogie” on Piano

The boogie-woogie is a music genre that is filled with upbeat tempos and quick notes, making it the perfect type of music for dancing. Not only can it be hard to shake and shimmy along to, but it’s also even more challenging to try to play this style of music on a piano.

Ladyva is from Switzerland and has been playing the piano since she was 14 years old. She began performing with her brother Pascal Silva. Over time, the young musician grew a love for boogie-woogie music, and it’s her favorite style to play.

During a performance, Ladyva starts playing the piano and instantly gains a reaction from the crowd. As she continues to play, she never misses a note, and you can tell she’s having a fantastic time performing this style of music.

The crowd is clapping along when the young pianist turns to them and gives them a wink. With each note played perfectly, there’s no wonder how she won the “Best Boogie Woogie Pianist” of 2017 at the Boisdale Music Awards.