Picky Kitties Fall In Love With Human Babies In This Adorable Video!

Cats are known to be notoriously fickle as compared to dogs and aren’t known to really give a damn about their owners. As some person once said, “You can own a dog, but a cat? Nobody owns a cat.” To a certain extent that is true. Cats do their own thing and stick around if the going is good.

But that indifference all goes out the window when a baby human is in the house. Watch the cats be their ever-oh-so-adorable selves in this cat compilation video. Cats choose who they will love and when they will shower their love. You won’t get their attention on a whim, that’s for sure. But when they’ve chosen their special human, they’ll purr, cuddle and snuggle next to their special someone.

In this video, their special someone is the tiny humans featured in the video. They do many things together – from sleeping together in a tiny fur ball of utter cuteness to washing the baby’s face and more. You can see that it’s definitely the start to a beautiful friendship. When you’re done watching the video, it’s guaranteed you’ll have a smile on your face. Cats and babies – a deadly adorable combination that is bound to melt all hearts.

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