Pierce Brosnan Gives Relaxing Commentary While Watching 1995 Film “GoldenEye”

Pierce Brosnan is a beloved actor who’s best known for his roll in the James Bond 007 series. The talented man decided to give fans an inside look at the 1995 film “GoldenEye” by watching the movie and commentating.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of us are staying inside a lot more than usual. Even celebrities have to find ways to stay entertained while simultaneously entertaining their fans. We think Pierce chose the perfect way to do just that.

He went live with Esquire UK Magazine from the comfort of a beautiful Hawaiian home. He tells fans all about how the film changed his life forever and that he had an incredible time working on the film.

Brosnan talks about how much he loved seeing Sean Connery play James Bond growing up. Throughout the commentary, Pierce answers fan’s questions and gives behind-the-scene details of the iconic 90s film.