Pillow Meets The Clumsiest Little Baby Goat In The History Of Clumsy Baby Goats. Too Cute!

There are many different inanimate objects that can confuse even the most even and level person in the world. Sometimes experiencing something for the first time can leave you kind speechless. I know that the first time I encountered a snake I was scared out of my mind. They are so unpredictable, but at the same time I know that that fear was conditioned in me so I could stay alive for a longer time. Sometimes it’s not even things that seem scary, it can even be as harmless as, let’s say, a pillow. It can really send you for a loop if you’ve never experienced the tranquility and softness of a pillow. Once you do experience it though, there’s no going back. It’s the pillow or nothing else at all. It seems as though nothing really compares the comfort a pillow has to offer.

This very idea is what one precious baby goat finds out. His first interactions with a pillow are really something of adorable wonder. I know if I could’ve been there, witness to this unfolding, I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. I would just full on hug the clumsy little goat until he rejected my want to hug a furry little friend. Though, I have heard that goats can be notorious for biting or nibbling. So, I guess the goat would let me know. Yet, I digress, the two parties of klutzy goat and inanimate pillow really have quite an amazing interaction. I know I couldn’t stop laughing!

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