Cheeky Mini-Stallion Trots Up To The Fence and All The Other Horses Instantly Fall In Love With Him

Pippin the miniature stallion We all enjoy making friends with different people, people with different interests, some who look different or sound different. We embrace a new friend’s uniqueness and celebrate those differences. That’s what makes friendships so rich and interesting.

Pippin the miniature stallion is the perfect example of this sentiment, he’s adorable and small with a confident, outgoing personality. He makes friends of all kinds wherever he goes and they don’t mind that he’s different.

Mini HorseHe was on an outing in the countryside with his family when they filmed his encounter with the farm animals they met on the way. His first conquest is a paddock full of large horses.

As soon as they spotted this cheeky little character, they were very curious and hurried over to the fence get to know him.

At first sight they would have thought he was a baby horse, a foal. Horses are always curious when a new foal arrives and he was just the right size to elicit a thorough inspection. After a while they realize that’s no baby, that’s a stallion!

This didn’t bother them however, they were still clearly delighted to meet a new horse, even a little one, and still kept coming over to get to know him. He was sniffed and nuzzled and made to feel welcome.

Pippin took it all in his little stride. He appeared delighted to make new fans and thoroughly enjoyed the gentle social exchange with the bigger horses.

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