The Platters Take Stage To Sing Their Hit Song. I Was Mesmerized The Whole Time.

When we think of romantic songs, there are quite a few that come to mind. Tugging on people’s heartstrings is practically a cottage industry. There’s a reason why there are hundreds and hundreds of compilations of love songs out there/ People could build houses out of the CDs and records that were sold. The song that we see in this video, though… this is one of the special songs, and when you hear it, I think you’ll agree.

We see The Platters take the stage at a restaurant/club. They begin singing their hit song, “Only You”, which has made its way through mainstream throughout the decades. Their enchanting melody and teamwork bring out a tune that mesmerizes the seated audience. How good was the song? I had to listen to it three times before I even started writing this piece. It’s a timeless song, that’s for sure.

Originally, the song wasn’t supposed to be sung in that pitch, but a near accident en route to a rehearsal played a big part. Tony Williams, the lead singer, sang a shaky bar of the song and it made its way into the final version. The band scored a big hit, spending many weeks atop the music charts and even appeared in the movie “Rock Around The Clock”, from which this clip is taken.

I was in awe of the voice of Williams, who was the lead singer. There are only a few people who were blessed to have a singing voice like this and he was one of them. I, on the other hand, make cats run and hide with my singing. A Beatle did a cover version – Ringo Starr released his version in 1974. None other than John Lennon told him to do it, so it was blessed by musical royalty.

The Platters were an excellent group. I envy anyone who got to see them live. Did you? Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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