When She Poked His Heart, This Little Boy Did Something Extremely Cute. Priceless!!!

When little kids have serious conversations, it is one of the cutest things ever. They might be very far from the real answer but even then, they don’t stop arguing. This video is one of the cutest videos I have seen. These little kids are debating about the weather outside and their discussion will surely make you smile!

They are not sure if it’s raining or sprinkling outside their door, so they get into a heated argument about it. The little guy has some words of wisdom to share with his ‘pretty’ friend. But she is a tough girl that one! You seriously need to hear what this boy has to share. You are going to melt!

During this argument, one of the little girls pokes the little boy in the eye, so another little girl tells her to say sorry to him! Somebody has learned some good manners, but there was no apology coming forth. LOL! So they continued their argument, which was entirely based on what each of their mother’s told them.

The argument gets more heated, and the same little girl pokes the boy’s chest, and he says, “You poked my heart,” and he begins to cry. The other little girl, named Macy, tries to comfort him and tells him it’s okay, and it is so sweet. I think everybody starts to feel better after this. Maybe they just need a nap.

Watch their blazing arguments about the weather below and tell us what you thought about it in the comments!


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