Police Dog Sniffs And Leads His Partner To Something. The Partner’s Reaction? HILARIOUS.

There are workplace hazards no matter the job that you work. I mean, the dangers that I face at my job as a writer are mild, more in line with the opening lyrics of “Money For Nothing” by the Dire Straits. No, not “I want my MTV”. “Maybe get a blister on your little finger/maybe get a blister on your thumb.” Though my laptop spontaneously combusting is a remote risk and carpal tunnel/tendinitis is also a danger, they still pale in comparison to other jobs.

This video highlights one very real risks police officers have when working in South Africa. No… there are hardened criminals everywhere. That’s not unique to a certain area. Other places are equally hot. I don’t know how many police officers have to worry about their canine partners leading them directly to venomous reptiles though… and then having the humiliation of others laughing their heads off as they run the opposite way.

That very scene happens in this video. We see a police officer with his dog in a field. It may be a training exercise. They are mired in conversation and the officer unhooks the leash and points the dog in a specific direction. The pooch bounds off happily and begins furiously sniffing the ground. He’s going to find something. Yep. Yep. Looking… looking. Bingo! He barks, and the officer confidently walks over to see what he found.

What happens next is possibly one of the funniest moments in the history of YouTube videos. The officer, who has this deep voice like James Earl Jones, suddenly yelps in a voice quite a few octaves higher and then hightails it VERY quickly in the opposite direction, running through a gate, with his dog quizzically chasing after him like “What’s wrong?” What was wrong was the dog had found a snake. The officer’s coworkers are laughing so hard that they may pass out and become victims of the snake.

Was this a funny video or a cruel one? I’m leaning towards the first part. Life’s too short to not laugh at certain things. What do you think? Let us know in the comments! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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