This Poodle Has The Funniest Reaction To A Race On TV. I Have Never Seen A Dog Act Like This Before!

Every dog owner knows that dogs have their own unique personalities. You will never find two dogs that are exactly the same. Which also means that you will very rarely find two dogs with the same vices.

Dogs are fairly renowned for their vices, some dogs love treats, some dogs love attention, but I’ve never before seen a dog that loves watching racing. The poodle in this video loves watching the horse racing!

It’s hard to imagine a poodle was such a keen interest of what’s going on on the TV screen. But this video will show you that you don’t have to be human the love watching the races. I can easily imagine a scenario where this dog has put money down on a horse. His animated barking and enthusiasm for the outcome of this race suggests that he has some skin in the game.

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