Poor Abused Dog Was At Death’s Door. Shame On Her Owner! Who Would Do THIS?

Seeing abused or neglected dogs is always something makes me wince. When I see commercials for things like the ASPCA, I have to turn away. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that it’s hard to fathom that people could be so cruel to innocent animals like this. How can they just see them waste away and not care about how much pain they are in?

That’s why this video showing Angel, who had been brought in from her abusive owner by the Rescue From The Hart animal rescue organization, made me want to initially close the browser. This dog was so emaciated that even trying to stand for more than a second was too much. The vet there initially said that her organs were shutting down. Then a miracle occurred. She started eating food, drinking water, and regaining strength. Eventually, she stood up, started walking. The sores on her body disappeared. She made new friends. Later, she was unrecognizable as the same dog who had been on death’s door. Happily, she was adopted to live in a forever home.

Watching this, the first thing that came to mind – I’m sure many others who have seen it thought the same thing – was, “If I ever met the scum that let this happen to Angel, I’d punch them into the next year.” It takes a special kind of sick, uncaring monster to do that. It’s not like she was found in the woods, where she was unable to find food. This was a systematic effort to rob her of all hope before she died.

Sadly, the law is nowhere near as harsh as it should be on those who do things like that. Animal lives are not valued as highly as humans are. The problem is that those who write these laws likely don’t realize that people who treat animals like this often graduate to doing such things to their fellow humans. I hope that they put up a picture of her at the trial.

I’m not going to lie – the beginning of the video was really rough, but I was cheering by the end of it. How did it make you feel? Leave a comment below!

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