This Poor Dog Has Been Blind ALL His Life. But When He FINALLY Gets To See His Family? OMG!

The following video shares with us a heartwarming moment featuring a formerly blind dog named Duffy. The surgery to restore his eyesight was successful and the adorable dog could finally get a chance to see his loving family for the first time. All of them are overjoyed and the excitement Duffy is going through is so contagious!

He sure is happy to see them! As soon as he enters the room, the little guy runs around the room and visits all the members of his family. His joy and delight is evident in the way he wags his tail! He really seems surprised that he can actually see his family members. I wonder what condition he had that made him blind. I had never heard of a dog having surgery to restore his sight.

Duffy is wearing a cone in the video to protect his eyes from any possible damage. The cone, and possibly the fact that he can actually see, makes him a little clumsy and it is so endearing. His tail is wagging furiously the entire time and he’s whining like he’s wondering what is going on, but he seems so excited to be able to see his family.

It is really heartwarming to see a family care for their pet so much! Let’s hope other pets are treated as kindly as he is! You’re going to love this for sure!

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