This Poor Dog Was Living In A Parking Lot For Seven Months Until A Cheeseburger Saved His Life!

Hope For Paws (HFP), an animal rescue organization, received a call that a dog had been living in a parking lot for seven months and was in desperate need of help. When HFP arrived on site they located the dog under a car. Slowly, with the help of a cheeseburger, they were able to gain the dog’s trust. Check out the video and see what happened next.

When they put the leash on the dog, the dog’s moans broke my heart. With months (maybe years) of abuse and neglect, this dog was afraid of humans. But soon enough the dog remembered the cheeseburger and calmed down. They named him Aaron and took him to the hospital. There they discovered that he had several bruises, had ticks, fleas and was suffering from mange.

Aaron now has been nursed back to full health and is once again a happy dog. If you know people that would like to adopt Aaron, share this video with them!

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