This Poor Doggy Survived In The Garbage Alone For 7 MONTHS! You Won’t Believe How They Caught Him!

The video we’ll share with you below features the amazing story of Bo, a 2 year old stray dog who got rescued from the streets. He’s of the very rare Azores Cattle, and he was found wandering the mean streets of Toronto, after he was abandoned. He had to survive alone in the streets for over seven months. He had to sleep on a literal mountain of garbage and metal junk, in a dump near a car wash. He had to eat out of the garbage, and sleep outside in temperatures under 0°. This was his life for more than half a year.

Rescuing him was a very difficult task, and it took lots of patience. They had to help the dog to get used to their odor, so they carefully left food and toys for him without scaring him. He had grown extremely scared of humans, and he wouldn’t let them get close. Any sudden movements would make him run away. After setting up a live trap, they were finally able to capture him and bring him to a shelter. Eventually, he became fond of humans again and started his new life away from danger and loneliness that the street gave him.

Enjoy this incredible rescue mission right below!

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