Practice Makes Perfect – This Male Drumline Follows This Rule

An all-male drumline team practices to give their best performance. Being in a drumline is not easy; there are many things to practice, all while keeping in sync with each other. Each one of them must stay in sync, must not miss a single beat, and march in their relative positions.

The name of this team is The Cadets, and you can see that they have been practicing all of their routines very well. When they play their drums, it seems as if their drum sticks are whizzing in the air, beautifully in sync with each other, not a beat slower, nor faster.

Their coach watches them, scrutinizing every move they make with their drum sticks. He moves from person to person listening extra carefully to the beat played by the boys. The boys also march while maintaining the rhythm of the drums. They practice different formations. Incredibly they all keep in harmony perfectly.