Precious Bulldog Puppy Is Born Casanova And Wants Continuous Kisses From Owner! Adorable!

Dogs are an adorable lot, honestly and when you have a dog as a pet, you should be aware that they are just like children. You need to be around, you can’t leave them alone and you definitely have to show them some love. I’m talking about dogs here but puppies are on a different level altogether. They can get quite clingy once they get attached to you and heaven help you if you leave them alone. They may feel abandoned.

But this video shows us the adorable bond the bulldog puppy and his human dad have with each other. Sloppy kisses and more is what this little tyke demands and he makes sure he gets it! Watch how he paws his human dad’s face when he turns his face away. It’s like, no, I want more, come back!

You can tell the puppy loves to give out his kisses and I have to say, I probably wouldn’t be able to find another video as cute as this one. Watch how he turns his owners face back to him so that the kissing saga continues. It’s nice to see so much love given and taken and I have to admire the amount of kisses the human dad patiently gives to his little puppy. This is just so adorable!

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