Precious Husky Has Sassy Side. You See How She Reacts To Mom? I Was Laughing Hysterically.

We all have that capacity to act before we think. Sometimes we are in a bad mood or have something about the person asking that is bothering us. When it comes to these moments, you realize quickly that they can result in a lot of chaos. You can get in trouble if you don’t hold back how you feel. Whether it be a boss, a parent, or even someone your elder who takes care of you. Sometimes you find that to maintain a decent relationship with them, it’s necessary to act appropriately, and try not to sass them too much. To hold back what you feel can be hard, it’s a form of control that few have mastered. When it comes to actions or behaviors, it’s important to note that reactions, mainly emotions are the first reaction, then follows thoughts. You feel before you think in most cases. It takes time to recognize this and train yourself not only to be weary, but also to be cautious of how much you react. Some people just like agitating for the sake of the reaction- these people you really must watch out for and be on your guard when you’re around them. Sometimes it takes less effort to control yourself than have the other party see your thought process and logic. Other times, like in Maya’s case, it’s hard to hold back how you really feel. In these cases, the resulting reaction can be amazingly hilarious.

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