Precious Kittens Life Hangs Vulnerably in The Balance. When Brave Soul Faces Flood… Amazing.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some just have a soft side for fuzzy friends and would do a lot to ensure their happiness. No matter the instance, a lot of people would give up a lot of comfort to make sure the animals around them were a happy as could be. The happier they are, the happier they seem to make us. This system of friendship has always complimented each opposing side well.

Some moments, you find yourself appalled by the violence or lack of empathy, or caring for another living being. Those are the times you see the dark underbelly of the world, filled with cruelty and barbarism. These moments make most uncomfortable, as they generally make no logical sense. This idea makes the action even crueler. No hesitation, no regret or second thought to consider another who is impacted. In all, selfish and childish.

However, there are quite a few grand and amazingly caring moments that seem to take away our disappointment and fill it with positive beliefs. Beliefs such as “faith in humanity restored.” One cat knew all too well it was done for. The flooding streets, from the tiny kitten’s view seemed as vast as oceans. The tide threatened with each crash against the sidewalk, to take the kitten down with it. To engulf and overcome the kitten.

At this moment, our hero enters. After noticing the poor dear’s plight, he dashed into action. The waves only up to his shin, he found himself free of the limitations that shackled the poor kitten to stand and await his fate.

When the final wave comes crashing down!? Amazing timing.

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