Pregnancy Complications Caused Premature Birth. Parents Reassured By Baby’s Dazzling Smile!

Parents surely go through a moment of tense expectations when a baby is expected to be born and euphoria when the child finally arrives into this world. However, when babies are born before their time, parents can understandably be very concerned about their precious child. At a time of what should be filled with celebrations and good wishes, fear creeps around in everyone’s hearts. For this couple, Thanksgiving of 2014 proved to be a tough holiday when their daughter was born early.

Freya, their daughter seemed to be in a world of her own. Her parents may have had a lot of fears about her life, but she seemed happy to be with them even though her appearance on Earth came earlier than expected. A Facebook picture of her that was uploaded became viral after it was shared by the captivated audience worldwide.

The picture showed baby Freya giving a huge dazzling grin to her mother. This evident joyous expression on the infants face touched the hearts of people all over the world. The mother, who posted it, said that she wanted to give reassurance to parents of premature babies worldwide that even though the infants may have been born early; there was hope of them to be happy and healthy babies.

“Our first daughter at five days old. 3 lbs. 14 oz., she was happy to be alive! This picture was one I looked at often to get me through the ups and downs of our NICU days. Life is so precious,” said Lauren of the picture she posted.

This picture prompted many other parents to share their own stories of early babies, helping the chain of reassurance for new and soon-to-be parents as they made the incredible journey of parenthood. Freya is now 2 years old and is as healthy as a child her age could be. Her personality of friendliness and happiness hasn’t changed since her birth and we hope she stays the same!

I loved this story of hope and reassurance. When I saw the picture of the baby smiling, my heart just melted! Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? Let us know your stories in the comments section below!

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