5-yr-old Boy with Down Syndrome Foils Security, Rubs Harry’s Beard. Prince has the Best Response

Boy grabs Prince Harry's BeardThe world has fallen in love with Prince Harry and Meghan. They are lovely, kind and open people who seem to genuinely enjoy being the “relatable royals”. After their pregnancy announcement, they went to visit Dubbo, Australia.

Prince Harry and Boy Grabs Beard

While visiting, they were welcomed very warmly by one, sweet 5-year-old schoolboy who seemed to have a special bond with Prince Harry.

Luke Vincent may be only five years old, but he stole the hearts of everyone, including the royal couple. Luke was one of the last students to say hello. Luke greeted Prince Harry with a big, warm hug and then started to play with the prince’s beard.

When he was introduced to Meghan, he presented her some flowers before hugging her tightly, too. Luke was then drawn back to Prince Harry for another hug and a kiss on the cheek.

You will note how the security man in black dutifully steps closer when Luke takes a running leap to hug Prince Harry.  It’s doubtful your or I could get away with such informality! That’s when it’s good to be a kid because you can get away with just about anything. Of course, no one could expect a 5-year-old to understand “royal” protocol, and none was expected that casual and joyous day, but the heartwarming exchange took the world by surprise and has since gone viral.

Word has it that Luke’s favorite person in the world is Santa Claus and that’s why he was so charmed by Prince Harry’s beard.

Here’s a bit of Royal Trivia for you: Prince Harry becomes the first royal in 125 years to wed with a beard and needed permission from the Queen!

Watch little Luke as he hugs and charms the royal couple in the video below.


5-yr-old Boy with Down Syndrome Foils Security, Rubs Harry\'s Beard. Prince has the Best Response