School Principal Films Hilarious Viral Snow Day Announcement

Another principal joins the band wagon and puts a weather announcement to music.  Why simply announce a snow day on the radio or in an impersonal listing on the tv when you can sing-out your message?  Johnson Elementary in Milford, MI recently had a snow day – technically, it was an ice day – and needed to let his students and their families know that school was canceled for the day.

Principal Josh Gignac – or “Mr. G. as he refers to himself – took to music to announce the school cancelation due to the severe weather conditions.  What better way to announce an ice day than with Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit “Ice Ice Baby.”   He decided to have some fun with it.

The familiar intro bars start to the song as Mr. G begins, “This one’s going out to my Johnson Jaguars.  Let’s kick it!” Surprisingly, his rhythm is too bad.  “We got an ice, ice day…” he announces.

That specific area in Michigan was expecting severe icing and wind chills as low as thirty below.  Mr. G. cautioned his students and their families to be careful.  “When it’s extreme we gotta think about the wind chill. Thirty below could freeze the lead in your pants, so dance in your pajamas, it’s true. Now relax your brain for the day, no school.”

In verse two, he cautions about even going outside to take a walk because of the dangerous wind chills.  He recommends doing what he does – just staying inside, watching Netflix, sipping on hot tea, and eating Chex mix.

As fun as Principal Gignac sounds, he also wants his students to be responsible.  He continues, “Play it safe, stay inside and be lazy. Unless you got some chores, you should get to it. Work first, then play. That’s how Jaguars do it!” What great advice.

After he finishes his announcement, Mr. G. slips back into “principal mode” and gives a few other relevant announcements for his students. He posted this to YouTube, and it has quickly gone viral.

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School Principal Films Hilarious Viral Snow Day Announcement