They Pull Up To A Roadblock And What They See Leaves Them Terrified

We have all seen some very hilarious pranks. I consider myself a prankster. When pranks started to be filmed they turned into a great form of entertainment. Whenever we hear pranks we remember the infamous clown prank. You know, a guy dressed in an evil-clown costume. He is pretending to be butchering someone. The first ones were very funny. The minute a person sees the clown standing with an oversized hammer, they will run off screaming. It didn’t matter if it was guys or girls, either.

They would be screaming either way. Then, these pranks started to get a little riskier. Some people didn’t agree with this form of entertainment. They decided to take matters into their own hands. When they encountered one of these pranksters, they would start chasing him. This was something that the prankster hadn’t planned for. The clown would obviously run but usually, they would catch up to him. There were times that he was beaten or only punched a couple of times.

There were other ones like the “little-girl-in-the-elevator prank.” You remember, right? The little girl that looks an awful lot like the girl from the movie “The Ring.” The prank would go like this. There would be at least one person in the elevator and then the lights would go off.

A couple of seconds later, the lights were back on and there was someone else in the elevator. It would be this little girl disguised as the character from the movie. She looked very creepy and most people ran when they saw her. There was this one case that doesn’t go as planned. A guy knocks the little girl down with a kick, ending the prank.

There’s a guy who devised a very funny prank. He made very realistic-looking zombie costumes. He would hide with his ‘zombie friends’ around several locations. The first prank involves an elderly man. This man goes into the woods and starts taking some things out of a basket. When he least expects it, a zombie grabs him by the ankle. Then, another one starts emerging from a hole covered with leaves.

The man gets terrified and falls back. Before the zombies can get to him he gets up and runs away. The second prank involves a group of zombies and what looks to be a corpse lying in the street. From a distance, it looks like a roadblock. A car approaches and the car’s headlights show the passengers what is happening. Before the passengers in the car can do anything, the zombies stand up. They leave the corpse and start running towards the vehicle. This isn’t the only prank. Wait until you see the others!