Puppies reunited with mom can’t stop wagging their little tails

Puppies reunited with mom

Seeing a stray dog on the side of the road can really pull at your heartstrings. This is especially true when you visit a mother dog that has clearly just given birth to a litter of puppies.


When a woman spotted these seemingly hungry new mother pups on the side of the road, she knew that she needed to approach her. After being led a few feet into the woods, she discovered five additional puppies.

A quick glance at the puppies showed that they were malnourished, sick, and probably wouldn’t last another day. Because of this, the woman knew that she had to take the puppies in.


While their mother was uneasy and following the woman as she took the puppies, the woman certainly knew what she was doing. It was vital to separate them briefly to dace the puppies.

After gaining trust from the mother, she eventually jumps into the window of the woman’s car. She is finally taken back to be ruined by the newborn puppies that she missed dearly.

Puppies reunited with mom

The reunion between the mother and her puppies is one of the most joyful moments you could ever witness. Not stop wagging and crying. Both parties are pleased to be back together.

People like the woman in this video that take the time to save puppies are true heroes to our society. As a senseless act of kindness, this mother and her puppies have a new lease on life.

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Puppies reunited with mom can\'t stop wagging their little tails