Puppy And Baby Hedgehog Are Taking Bath Together! So Cute!

Hazel and Prickles are best buddies. The puppy and the hedgehog may be the most incredible duo. In an adorable new video these two take bath time to a whole new level of cuteness!

Though the hedgehog may scare some of her friends off because of her spikes, Hazel is brave enough to join her on some pretty fun adventures. In the video, Hazel is a little bit nervous about her first bath, but her buddy Prickles has a bath time ball.

Surely, this cute video only gets better because this duo even has its own theme song now! (It’s both hilarious and adorable!) These two carry on like long-lost friends and get into some pretty funny antics together.

It is so fascinating when two animals, who are so different, become best friends! The cuteness of this friendship between the hedgehog and the puppy will definitely please you.

You can’t stop laughing at these animals. Aren’t they just so cute together?!

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