This Rescue Pup is REALLY Enjoying his First Bath

There is a fantastic group in Dallas, Texas, called DFW Rescue Me. Claire Fowler is a volunteer for this rescue group. When three pups were found in a bag in a dumpster, Claire was ready to take on the challenge of helping get them cleaned up, fed, and raising them until they were of age to be adopted.

The pups were under two weeks old when they were found. Because they were found in a dumpster, it is unsurprising they ended up covered in fleas. Treatment can’t be used on a wee puppy, so Claire has to ensure that the pups are clean, something their mother would normally do.


Claire also has to ensure that these little guys are bottle-fed every 2-4 hours also. Without a mother, these guys also need help with toileting, too. But most importantly, so they don’t get ill, is their bathing.

As these pups will eventually be adopted, Claire likes to document all the individual milestones that the pups reach, and even sometimes, she just records the cute stuff. For instance, the little guy and his bath in our video.


This guy is so relaxed that he almost falls asleep while Claire is running him slowly under the warm tap. Isn’t he just adorable? How fantastic that Claire chose to document this bath time – it’s simply precious. I am confident that with Claire looking after these three, they will be healthy, happy, and perfect for a new family when the time comes.

This Rescue Pup is REALLY Enjoying his First Bath