Puppy’s brother from out of town pays him a surprise visit

Golden Retrievers puppies

Golden Retrievers are the world’s best family dog and are known for their obedience and love for the water. They can be effortlessly trained and are known for their lovely fur.

Tucker is a cute-looking furry Golden Retriever who stays with his loving family. He is accompanied by his son Todd who is a naughty fellow and is full of mischief.

Tucker likes his comfortable life where his human treats him like one of his own. He loves his massages and enjoys them. He is an understanding father and loves his son a lot.

Golden Retrievers puppies

He loves to sit on his training seat and assures that his son does the same. Todd is learning to listen and understand the human language. He accompanies him everywhere he goes.

However, he is waiting to see his other son, adopted by another loving family. As soon as he sees his son Joker who looks precisely like Todd. He sniffs at him lovingly.

The father and sons are enjoying their relaxing day outdoors. They go for a swim and enjoy the weather outdoors. It is a happy and loving reunion of the family.

Tucker plays with his boys for a while and then decides to leave them to enjoy his swimming time. The puppies play with each other after the swim and cuddle with each other.

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