Puppy Given As A Gift Ends Up Alone On The Streets. Owner Is Found And You Won’t Believe His Answer

This is a remarkable story about an adorable puppy. His name is Fox and he has gone through quite a lot of things. He was found one day wandering through the streets of Los Angeles all alone. One woman spots him one night. He was found roaming the streets and she could not take him home with her.

This was something that really stuck in her head. She would see him night after night on her commute home and was sure there was something she could do to help him. She remembers seeing something about this wonderful organization that helps puppies in distress called Hopes for Paws. She gives them a call and tells them about it. She takes them to the site where the dog hangs out and this is where this story takes an interesting turn.

The streets are very dark at that time, but Hopes for Paws manages to track down the whereabouts of the dog fast. He is found in a very saddening situation. He is hiding in the bushes almost petrified. Right next to the area where he had been originally seen. Hopes for Paws are very taken by the emotional condition the puppy is in. What he might have gone through is very concerning to them.

They are cautious in how they approach the puppy. They don’t want to make him feel worse. To get the puppy’s attention, one of the crew members comes with the idea of using a cheeseburger. Once the puppy smells the cheeseburger, he goes straight for it. He can’t resist the smell of that beef. It has been quite a while since he had his last meal. It only takes the rescuers ten minutes to get the puppy out of the bushes.

Once the puppy is with them he can relax. He feels safe now. For some reason, he feels a very profound sense of peace. His tough times have come to an end. Being out of the streets was like having a heavy load lifted off his shoulders. One of the first things that Hopes for Paws do when they rescue a dog is to check for a microchip. If they have it, locating the owner will be very easy. When they call the registered owner, they find out that they had been looking for him. Apparently, he had escaped from their backyard.

It turns out that the puppy was given to them as a gift. They really didn’t want him in the first place, so they were not looking to get him back. The rescue team was given the authorization to look for a home for the puppy. They agree to do so and now the puppy is on his path to a much better life. Check out the video for the heart-warming conclusion.