Who Says Puppies Can’t Hula Hoop?! Just Watch… THIS MADE MY DAY!

A great way to get that tummy all nice and slim is to do some hula hooping! Seems like that’s exactly what this puppy is doing! He has got the hula hoop in his mouth, and sure enough that hula hoop is spinning! But not exactly the way you’d expect it to. Watch to see what I mean!

I’m in stitches from laughing so hard. That puppy definitely wants to learn how hula hoop, but it seems no one has showed him how to do it. You’re not supposed to run in circles with the hoop in your mouth, you’re supposed to make the hoop spin around you haha.

Either way, the puppy sure is entertaining. And I’m sure he’s getting a great work out. But you got to wonder, how come he doesn’t get dizzy?


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