Thanksgiving Turkey Prank has Daughter Sobbing in The Kitchen

A quick warning – this video is going to have you laughing out loud, and maybe scheming a bit in anticipation of the next family holiday meal. The prankee in this clip may never want to eat a meal at home again.

Having siblings and living with them is great. However, there are times when the youngest one in the house suffers the most. Elder brothers and sisters are always taking advantage of the younger ones, and at times even pranking them with the most despicable ideas. This girl in the video below is apparently a victim of a similar prank.


It is Thanksgiving Day, and everyone is gathered in the kitchen for the big feast to come. The youngest sister is instructed to serve the roasted turkey for everyone and has to take the stuffing out first. It seems that her elder sisters have cooked up a hideous plan that she has no clue about. Wait till you see her reaction.

One of the sisters is being recorded while she pulls the stuffing out of the turkey. She tells her mom that it is all out, and her mom says no way, that’s not enough stuffing. So the girl looks inside the turkey and screams. She didn’t suspect anything until she pulled out something big from the turkey’s belly.


At first, she thought it was a baby turkey and even started to cry. She was so sad and naively thought they had killed a pregnant turkey. Everyone is laughing, and even the dog starts barking. But finally, her sisters tell her that it was actually a chicken the put inside the turkey as a prank. Although, this didn’t seem to calm her down much. I think this sister may be going vegan for Thanksgiving next year.

Thanksgiving Turkey Prank has Daughter Sobbing in The Kitchen