He Put His Twin Babies on The Jumper and Played Johnny Cash, No One Expected to See This!

I love me some Johnny Cash, and thankfully we will always be able to listen to his classics when we want! It’s also incredible to see the younger kids enjoying his tunes now as well. In the clip here, we see a set of twins who are over the moon to hear this iconic artist.

These are twin brothers Reese and Levi. At only nine months old they are really in touch with the beat. According to daddy, they are just in love with not only Johnny Cash but their Jolly Jumper too. Their moves on Folsom Prison Blues are priceless, and their energy and huge smiles will make you happy!

Focus carefully on the one on the left. The more he listens, the more excited he is, and he starts rocking across the floor. You can watch their parent’s clear big space for them to jump around. It looks like they could start their exercise video with all the energy they put out in those jumpers. They are going to have some toned and sturdy legs. They both seem to have an inborn talent for dancing, and maybe mom and dad will be springing for dance lessons soon!

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