He Puts Candy In A Balloon And Wraps String Around It, Creating A Beautiful Easter Egg

Coloring eggs and decorating Easter baskets are favorite activities in the run-up to Easter. If your creativity bug is really biting, there are countless other arts and crafts projects that can make the holiday season even more fun. One of them is making eggs that almost look like they’re made of wicker or bird’s nests. These eggs are a perfect addition to someone’s Easter basket or as an unexpected surprise at an egg hunt. They’re easy to make and can be a fun project for the whole family.

We’ve posted a video below in which DaveHax will walk you through the whole process. We’ll give you a brief description of it here.

All you need are: assorted chocolates and candies, string, balloons, glue, food coloring, and a cardboard tube (perhaps from a roll of paper towels). That’s it! Stretch the balloon’s opening over one end of the tube. Then drop some individually wrapped chocolates and/or candies down it. If there’s a backup, just blow on the end of the tube to inflate the balloon a little and everything will drop right in. Once you’ve got a good amount of candy in there, take the balloon off the tube and inflate it until it looks egg-shaped and tie it off. Pour some PVA craft glue into a bowl. If the glue is too thick, just add a small amount of water. Unravel some string and mix it into the glue. You may want to add some food coloring; this is a great opportunity for creativity! Now tie the string to the knot on the balloon and start wrapping it all around the balloon. You can do it randomly but be sure to create a cage-like structure. Give it at least a day to dry and when it’s ready, pop the balloon and extract it (you may need scissors to finish the job).

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