Quaker Parrot Has Broken Beak. That’s Not Even His Most Distinguishing Feature, Though.

Sometimes when an animal rescuer is called in for a situation, they will discover the animal in question is severely injured. Those injuries can range from broken bones to cuts to missing pieces. In every case the rescuer will do their best to bring the animal back to as close to a healthy state as they possibly can. Many of these animals are also incredibly resilient, though, and will adapt to their new state of life with aplomb. Like the bird we see in this video.

Meet Cameron, a Quaker parrot. He’s an adorable bird who just happens to be missing part of his top beak. It gives him the appearance of a severe underbite. That’s not what makes him stand out though. It’s his laughter, which continues for almost the full 30 seconds of this video. He does pause for a couple of seconds and then adds one final chuckle before the video ends. It’s a bit sinister coming from such a cheerful looking fellow.

If someone spend nearly 30 seconds laughing in my presence, I’d better have done one of the most epic pratfalls in history – making even the guy slipping on ice for nine seconds pale in comparison. OK. I laugh for a long time at that one, but still… It’s just unsettling hearing it go on for that long, even though Cameron is just repeating a sound that he heard and seems to like hearing himself do it.

I’m sure that Cameron is a happy, healthy bird despite his beak’s condition. I do wonder how he eats without that extra tip to help crunch the food, but I’m sure that his mommy or daddy has figured out a way to best feed him, since he looks well-fed. The only downside of having a bird who laughs all the time like that is that his mommy and daddy surely hear it in their dreams. That’s not nightmare fuel or anything… HA HA HA HA HA. Sorry, he has me doing it.

Cameron is still adorable despite his changed appearance. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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