Reba McEntire Starts Singing Classic Christmas Carol, but the Surprise Guests Truly Bring It Home

Reba McEntire, Little Big Town Reba McEntire always delivers and never disappoints her fans, so it could only get better when these surprise guests showed up. If Reba is the icing on the cake, then here is the cherry on top.

Reba and Little Big Town just did an outstanding performance with perfection and class. Best of all, you get to see them perform it LIVE as it was meant to be. ❤️🎁🌹

Reba McEntire Christmas

In 2010 the ABC network made a bold move to begin a new Christmas tradition. They invited Country Music Awards (CMA) to deliver a Christmas show.

That show was such a big hit with audiences across the world that from that time to the present, a new tradition was born. Country fans and other music lovers look forward to a new show every year. The notoriety of the event grows annually.

Often the performers will team up to sing their favorite songs of the season. One extraordinary time was when Reba McEntire joined Little Big Town to perform Mary Did You Know.

If you are a country music fan and love Christmas specials, look for this show to hear all of your favorite stars entertain you with some very meaningful tunes. Where else can you listen to all of the best of country music in one concert?