He Recorded Her As She Taught The Dog A New Trick, And It’s the Cutest Thing EVER!

One of the greatest wonders of growing up as a child is having a pet partner accompanying you in your growth. It’s not only the company and the love that they give us every day, but also the fun adventures that they share with you every day, even if the most normal of situations and places. The little girl in the video below is having a precious moment with her pup that she will surely never forget.

The little girl is just of 3 years of age, but she’s already discovering the world around her and finding out the beautiful moments that she can get to share with her pup. She’s sharing a precious moment with her dog, Gauge, and it’s one of the most adorable things that you will ever witness.

Dad got his camera ready on time to capture this moment, and you will be thankful that he did. The both of them can be seen playing with each other happily and enjoying a very good time. The little girl is trying to teach Gauge a new trick, asking him for his paw, and is prompt to reward him every time she does so. She’s going to be an animal lover when she grows up, for sure!

Watch this adorable moment right below.

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