‘Red Dirt Road’ is pure country nostalgia by ‘Brooks & Dunn’

‘Brooks & Dunn’ have a storied career in country music, and their catalog of hits spans decades of success. Their fans love them, and their infectious songs have converted many non-country listeners.

Their performance of ‘Red Dirt Road’ fittingly starts with a pickup truck driving down an old dirt road. Brooks and Dunn are walking down the road and then leaning on the side of a house playing their guitars.

They are walking with a guitar case in a spot full of broken-down cars where a girl is picking up flowers. A man comes up and hugs the woman. There is other imagery of a couple sharing a beer and kissing on a church step.

The performance also features a person getting baptized under a bridge in a river and a couple hugging under a tree. The song’s lyrics frame all the images with words like, ‘It’s where I drank my first beer. It’s where I found Jesus. Where I wrecked my first car, I tore it all to pieces. I learned the path to Heaven is full of sinners and’ believers.’

‘Brooks & Dunn’ are known for their iconic hits like the line-dance-inspired ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’ and ‘My Maria.’ They have won Best Vocal Duo from the Country Music Association over 13 times.

‘Red Dirt Road’ is the title track from the platinum-selling album of the same name. Ronnie Dunn recalled in an interview, ‘I wanted that thread, that growing up in rural America and all the universal touchstones we all go through—that first beer, wrecking my first car two weeks after I got it, being taken to a revival by my cousins who lived a few miles farther down that road. That road ran through every major event in my young life.’

‘Brooks & Dunn’ turn out hit after hit, and they are revered by country fans. Their strong hooks and fabulous guitar lines make a very catchy combination. ‘Red Dirt Road’ is just another example of their talent.

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‘Red Dirt Road’ is pure country nostalgia by ‘Brooks & Dunn’