Rediscover the forgotten treasures of the 1990s

Hey there, nostalgia lovers! Are you ready to dive into a world of forgotten treasures from the 90s? We’ve compiled a list of six fascinating YouTube video titles that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Remember Thirsty Cat and Thirsty Dog bottled water for pets? Launched in 1994, these vitamin and mineral-infused bottles came in flavors like Tangy Fish and Crispy Beef. But consumers didn’t see the need for flavored water for their pets, so the product flopped.

And who could forget when Harley-Davidson branched out into cigarettes and cologne in the 90s? Die-hard bikers were not impressed, and the company had to backtrack on their brand expansion.

Cosmopolitan magazine’s foray into the food market with yogurt seemed promising initially. Still, it failed to capture their target demographic’s hearts (or taste buds) and was discontinued 18 months later.

Kellogg’s Breakfast Mates, a combination of cereal, milk, and a spoon, seemed clever, but most consumers found it inconvenient and messy. It didn’t last long on the shelves.

Apple’s Newton MessagePad, released in 1993, was a groundbreaking tablet device at the time. Unfortunately, its poor handwriting capabilities and competition from the cheaper Palm Pilot led to its discontinuation.

Lastly, remember Crystal Pepsi? Released in 1992, this caffeine-free and clear version of the classic cola bewildered consumers, and it wasn’t long before production came to a halt.

These are just a few of the forgotten items from the 90s featured in MadlyOdd’s video. Share this throwback journey with friends and family because who doesn’t love reminiscing about the quirky products from our past.

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Rediscover the forgotten treasures of the 1990s