When She Refused to Play with Her Dog, The Dog Says THIS And I Can’t Stop Cracking Up

Sometimes we just want to relax. When all your dog wants to do is play, you sometimes have to say no and just stay on the couch.

But never before have you seen a dog, reply with a comeback like this. Check out the video and prepare yourself to laugh!

With her chin resting on the arm of the couch, Lexi the boxer doesn’t want to be ignored. So she starts whining eagerly trying to get everyone’s attention. And because of the unique sound that comes out of her mouth, now the whole world is watching.

Check out the hilarious viral video footage for yourself. There is just something so cute about animals making noises. When you see Lexi making her whining sound, you’ve probably never seen any animal do anything so intentional before. It seems like she has it all planned out.

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