Relishing Victory: American Bandstand Dance Contest Winners of 1967

The announcer says, “One of these couples is a dance contest winner. We’ll find out which one today on American Bandstand.” The theme song plays, and Dick Clark is introduced. Dick notifies everyone the mail-in votes are in!

In 1967, ‘American Bandstand’ had a dance competition involving couples. The finalists were paired up on the dancefloor as legendary host Dick Clark asked his announcer to review the prizes.

All the boys would receive the fabulous ‘Craig’ car stereo. This was followed by another prize, a small handcrafted radio. Contestants also were offered their choice of 12 albums from different musicians.

Girl contestants would receive luggage from ‘American Tourister.’ These fancy suitcases were offered to the contestants. The prizes also included camping equipment, and the grand prize was a ‘Magnavox’ color TV.

Dick quickly goes through the couples as they say their name and age into the microphone, and the oldest person in this group is 18 years old. Then, Dick opens the envelope and says, “The winners as counted by the United Fan Mail Service.”

He continues, “The couple receiving the highest number of votes is couple number one.” The crowd cheers, and the couple smiles and hugs each other. They smile, and Dick asks couple number 1 to dance it out, saying they all did well, and the votes were very close.

Couple number 1 shows off their winning moves to Neil Diamond’s hit, ‘You Got To Me.’ Dick thanks them for being on the show and says he will interview them next week. Dick congratulates them and all the other contestants again, and they dance until the show ends.

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Relishing Victory: American Bandstand Dance Contest Winners of 1967