Remember When Mattel Did This With Barbie And Changed The World? This Is Good Stuff!

Barbie dolls are the trendsetters of advertising for toys. This wonderful one-minute ad was their first ever TV commercial. If you’re tired of today’s ads with cheesy stories and turns, check out this one that simply tells the audience what they need to know in highly interesting fashion.

This original Barbie ad premiered in the Mickey Mouse Club in 1959. Mattel, the company that makes these dolls, had a hunch that girls would get sick of playing with childish dolls as soon as they learned that they could have dolls of adult women. It turned out to be a pretty good hunch.

The ad planted these important ideas: Barbie you’re beautiful; someday I’m gonna be exactly like you; I’ll make believe that I am you.

From that moment onward, instead of playing with girls of their own age, little girls can fantasize about growing up to be as elegant and pretty as a Barbie doll, with many sets of adult clothes and accessories. Furthermore, changing clothes on Barbie gives them, from a young age, the idea of dressing as sexily as they like.

It is hard to argue that Barbie has played a role in the sexual liberation of modern society, which began with the sexual revolution of dolls that young girls started out playing with. This is a revolution many generations in the making. It’s also a worldwide phenomenon, with about 3 Barbie dolls sold globally every second!

Barbie was named after Barbara Handler, the daughter of Ruth and Elliot Handler, who was the co-founder of Mattel.

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