Remember These? Popular Beers That No Longer Exist!

Some popular beer brands have been discontinued, like some types of food or soda. Recently, the online user “Rhetty for History” shared a list of some of these beloved beers that are no longer on the market.

One such beer is Falstaff, which dates back to 1838. This beer was once the 3rd largest beer brand and was a staple at ballparks and backyard barbecues. Another beer that many will remember is Pete’s Wicked Ale, one of the pioneers of the 1990s craft beer movement. However, they recently closed their distribution, leaving fans disappointed.

Goose Island King Henry was another fan favorite, brewed with Pappy Van Winkle 23 barrels, the legendary bourbon. Meister Brau Bock Beer was a popular local brew in Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century before it was purchased by Miller Brewing Company.

Meanwhile, Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project was a Boston-based brewery that created some of the most exciting beers in the market in the 2000s before they recently closed. Midnight Sun M, a Belgian-style barley wine, was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Midnight Sun Brewing Company in Anchorage, Alaska. Unfortunately, it’s another beer that can no longer be found.

Southampton Black Raspberry Lambic was a beer brewed by the Southampton Public House in Long Island and aged in wine barrels, making it a unique flavor that many beer enthusiasts miss.

Red, White, and Blue was another famous lager that your dad or grandfather may remember fondly. However, Brown Derby beer, brewed by a California brewery and named after the favorite Brown Derby restaurants, was eventually asked to change its name and was discontinued in 1988.

Many other beers have entirely disappeared from the market, such as Rheingold’s Little Old New York, Jax Beer, Schmidt’s, Hamm’s, Ballantine IPA, Olympia, and many more. Although these beers may no longer be available, the good news is that plenty of new and exciting beers exist to explore.

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Remember These? Popular Beers That No Longer Exist!