Remember when ‘Delta Dawn’ skyrocketed Tanya Tucker to fame?

Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker could be argued as someone who was born to sing. She was only 13 years old when she recorded her first big hit, ‘Delta Dawn,’ in 1972. Though young, her voice was more mature enough to handle such powerful melodies.

Tanya Tucker

Tanya quickly won the hearts of the country crowd. Her voice which was both beautiful and husky drew many ears. ‘Delta Dawn’ was a massive part of what boosted her into stardom and the top of the Billboard charts.

The classic song was one that Tanya would return to many times. In this television appearance, she appears on a stage of pink in a spotlight. She is wearing a green dress and big boots.

Tanya’s sultry voice starts off slow with the lyrics to ‘Delta Dawn.’ She sings of a faded flower and taking a trip to the sky.

As the guitars kick in, Tanya starts swaying as she continues singing. Her voice picks up while still singing in a melancholy tone. Her voice also gets deeper in the more emotional sections.

Tanya Tucker

She sings of walking alone and seeking a mysterious man. The woman she sings of is Delta Dawn, a girl who looks for lost love.

Even though the song speaks of a woman in her 40s, Tucker makes this song her own. Her performance is touching and beautiful. It’s a heartfelt and moving melody delivered with the perfect amount of bravado and movement.

Tanya’s voice rises while still feeling so low and moody. It brings the performance to a breathtaking end. The audience gives applause as the lights come down on her exceptional talent.

Tanya Tucker

Tucker owes her career not just to her first song but to the songwriter. Delta Dawn was initially written in 1971 by Alex Harvey. That piece has since become a country staple, sung by numerous celebrities, including Bette Midler.

Tucker is very much aware of how powerful that song has been. She frequently remarks that she wouldn’t be a star if it weren’t for Harvey’s piece. It’s hard to imagine her without this classic that confirmed she’s a country music legend.

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Remember when \'Delta Dawn\' skyrocketed Tanya Tucker to fame?