Reminisce the Unforgettable Adventures of Summer in the 1980s

Summer in the 1980s was memorable for so many reasons. If you grew up through the era, you will remember these classic ‘80s items. The decade was one of America’s best, and here are some reasons why.

Kids rode their bikes everywhere, and every place was within reach on the BMX bike. Entire days were spent traversing the neighborhood, picking up more friends, and riding to the next stop.

Of course, with the bike craze came the homemade bike ramps, which everyone tried to build. These dangerous contraptions caused many injuries. Another popular thing to build was the playhouse or fort. Any material would do for this ‘80s classic.

Breakdancing became a dance trend in the decade. Four moves, including toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes, were needed to master the genre. The music that breakdancing introduced was funk, rap, and breakbeats.

You might have made your own mixtape to breakdance to. The homemade compilation of music on cassette tape would’ve been played in a boombox from the era.

Another popular ‘80s trend was the video rental store, and VHS tapes could be rented to play in your home VCR for a fee. Hours were spent in the store, looking through titles and picking what to watch.

The classic summer jobs included lifeguarding or working at an ice cream stand. Kids found employment opportunities with paper routes too. Of course, everyone made time for family time, and families would go on long road trip vacations around the country. These great memories of the ‘80s flood our minds with nostalgia.

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Reminisce the Unforgettable Adventures of Summer in the 1980s