This rescue team has to earn an abused dog’s trust! This emotional rescuer will move you!

Animal abuse is always, always cruel and leaves the victim with long-lasting devastating emotional and physical scars. In the case of dogs that have been abused it is extremely heartbreaking to see animals that are so used to trusting wholeheartedly to turn completely reclusive and depressive, their chemistry with humans forgotten.

Meet Aaron, he was a sick homeless dog with nowehere to hide or live. His only source of refuge was cars. For seven months straight, he would spend his nights sleeping under cars. It was never the same car every night… he would still rotate and move around. Never certain of what the future would hold for him.

While temporarily living in the parking lot of a maternity center, Aaron was spotted by a patient. She immediately phoned Hope For Paws for help. Hope For Paws responded immediately and came to save the day, as they have done for many other dogs like Aaron.

Eldad Hagar and his team went to the rescue location to try and rescue Aaron. In the video below, how Aaron is naturally hostile, because he has been neglected by humans in the past. However the tireless efforts of the team to gain his trust allow Aaron to regain his hope in turn!

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