He Rescued This Homeless Dog. But What Happened To That Poodle’s Fur…OMG!

Hope For Paws organization has always come to the rescue when it comes to abandoned, helpless animals from the streets. They are really wonderful! I can’t even express all my gratitude for all their help! The video below features one of their latest rescues. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how professionally they rescued this adorable poodle off the streets of Los Angeles!

They had been informed that the dog was in a very awful condition, but they had no idea how much. When they finally found her, they couldn’t even understand if she was a male or a female since her fur was really matted. The poor dog was frightened and it was really difficult for them to approach her. But when you see them gain her trust and take her off to safety, your heart will melt for sure!

The dog was named Dolly. After she was groomed and cleaned up, her amazing transformation began! Now she looks like a completely different dog!

Watch this video. Don’t you think that homeless dogs should be treated like this? Let us know through your comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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