Rescued Kittens Home Alone Start Kitty Choir! This Had Me In Stitches!

Cats are divas and kittens even more so. So, when you leave them home alone for the day as you work or have errands, be prepared to get scolded or loved. Either way, you’re definitely bound to get a reaction. When this foster dad came home, he was greeted by seven very squeaky kittens that almost put dolphins to shame!

The leader of the pack expressed herself more vocally than the others who started squeaking in high pitches in what seemed like perfect kitty harmony. Who knows, maybe they decided to start their own choir when the foster dad was not at home.

The Seven adorable fur babies were rescued from a fish factory by Vancouver Orphan Kitten rescue Association (VOKRA) when they were only a week old. Born to a ferocious mum, these kittens started showing their own distinct personalities as they matured.

Watching the video, it’s clear to see that one kitten definitely has the loudest indignant squeaks as she demands food and attention. I can imagine her squeaks translated into “How could you leave me alone with them???? Where’s my food Human?”

It’s hilarious to watch the video as Doug records their reaction when he comes home. The seven kittens start demanding their breakfast as the squeak in a kitty chorus. They’re definitely not shy to demand what they want and in a cute way, they let Doug know who’s boss.

When the foster fur babies are fed, they all collapse for a group nap that will just melt your heart. Do you have kittens at home with similar stories? We’d love to hear from you! Do post your experiences in our comments section below!

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