He Rescued A Puppy From Certain Death 10 Years Ago. What His Dog Did To Repay Him Is ASTOUNDING!

Years ago Derik Hodgson found his dog Badger in the woods. At first he thought it might be a bear cub, but when he got closer, Badger rolled on his back and Derik has had him ever since.

Badger has lived an active life including hiking snow-covered trails and running through the woods with his owner. The dog has carried a lot of his strength into his old age which couldn’t be more fortunate for Derik.

During one cold winter, Derik spotted some bald eagles near the frozen lake. Because he is an amateur photographer, he ran to go take photos. But he was underdressed for the freezing weather and didn’t take his cellphone.

He slipped on the icy lake and went down hard. He broke his leg at the ankle and below his knee. His tendons were ripped and there was no way he could walk.

Derik was trapped out on the icy lake in the freezing cold weather. He couldn’t move and would have died.

But Badger came to stand over his owner. Derik grabbed his collar and said, “Mush, Badger, mush.” The dog pulled him across the lake and up to his house. Badger dragged him to his door and Derik was able to crawl inside.

“Without Badger, I’d be out on the ice or under it now. There is no question that I’m alive because of a dog I found in the bush,” Derik says.

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