Rescuers Devise A Dangerous Plan To Save Two Horses Who Fell Through The Ice

Extreme temperatures often get the best of us. With this type of weather, we need to take extra considerations whenever we go outside. We have learned to live with snow. It is a very cool thing, no pun intended. We have gotten used to extreme driving conditions in New York. When all that snow starts falling, we know we’re in for some tough times.

Winter in upstate New York brings in dangerous storms. Driving conditions get a lot more difficult. Even with special tires, it is not enough to prevent an accident. There are several precautions we need to take whenever driving under these conditions. The first thing would be changing your tires. Change your tires for special tires that allow for a better grip to the surface. If you have the chance to get those special chains for driving in deep snow, do not hesitate in getting them. They really make a difference, especially if you need to drive for long distances.

Also, remember not to warm your vehicle in an enclosed space such as a garage. Avoid using your parking brake in the freezing weather. This can make it very difficult to maneuver and leave you stranded until the temperatures go back down. This can be a long time if you’re are in the middle of storm season. Remember not to use the cruise-control feature on your vehicle. Although you might be tempted to do this, it can lead to having an accident

For people involved in an accident, time may be of the essence, but time literally froze for a couple of horses who accidentally fell into an icy pond and couldn’t get out. This was something that no one was expecting. The animals were walking along what seemed to be a snowy path. They suddenly stepped on some ice. They slipped a little but then broke the ice with their weight. Onlookers started gathering to help the animals out of the water but were not able to. That’s when they called the local firefighters department to help.

The firefighters alone were not able to get them out, so a lot of people started gathering to help as well. The horses were getting desperate at this point. They could swim, but the freezing water was taking a toll on their bodies. They were exhausted after only a few minutes of having fallen into the pond. Three different volunteer firefighting units were dispatched. They had only one mission on their minds: rescuing the horses alive.

It will not prove to be easy work, either. If they make one false move, they can also wind up being pulled beneath the icy waters. They know this is worth the risk. As they are working, they can hear the horses whining at them. They are desperate to get out. Will the firefighters get to them on time?