Retired cop finds cure for wanderlust in beautiful Tiny Home

Join this charismatic ex-cop as she travels around the country in her dream house.

Her name is Shannon Reece, she was a hard-working police officer for 22 years until just recently, and as it turns out, she went through way too many traumas with no other choice than taking a medical pension, who said a police life was easy?

But this fierce woman wasn’t ready to hang up the uniform to have a sedentary life, on the contrary, she is still full of energy and isn’t stepping down the action just yet.

As it turns out, Shannon had a dream of living on the road, seeing new places and meeting new people, so she decided to use her pension to save up and buy a tiny house (she had been a longtime fan of the show by the way) and you won’t believe it, but she tied it to her car and hit the road!

So our ex-officer can’t even contain her excitement as she shows her home, no wonder why, it’s been only two weeks since she acquired the house, that shopping fever hasn’t cooled down yet.

Shannon continues inside the house to show us the setting, and unlike what you’d think, the place is pretty comfy, she has everything you need day to day.

The kitchen has a big sink and wow, that’s a lot of drawers, she isn’t lacking space to store all her dishes. In the same way, she has a big sized fridge with a freezer included.

Next, she shows us the bathroom, it has a nice bathtub and, this is an interesting one, she has an “Egyptian copper patina sink” on my, we got a diva on a budget right here!

Climbing up a ladder, you can access a bedroom space with some windows to look outside from the comfort of the sheets, and certainly, Shannon remarks her joy at waking every day in such a lovely room.

The power moving this whole building is a 2002 Chevy that as Shannon tells us gave her a lot of problems back when she started traveling, no one said this would be easy!

On the 9:50 mark we can see Shannon taking up a little surprise that cracks some laughter at everyone on the scene.

Another detail Shannon discloses to us is the fact that most of her friends and family didn’t show as much enthusiasm as she did, and it’s understandable, life on the road can be really hard and everyone needs a helping hand every now and then, but despite that, she kept following her dream.

The viewers were fascinated at this tour, one fan said “Good for you Shannon for having an amazing tiny house! Don’t listen to those nonbelievers! Be a free spirit! You owe it to yourself! Good video though!” regarding Shannon’s charisma and joy while showing the home.

Another fan added “I’ve really been thinking about living in a tiny house. I love traveling and art so it would be interesting. I also love the beach theme she did, and I love beaches and the sea as well” on a remark of Shannon’s delightful decoration.

Did you laugh with Shannon during the tour? Have you ever met a road traveler? Did you like this tiny house on wheels? Watch the video and share your thoughts.